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Faculty Members Ongoing Researches

Constitutional Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, International law and Human Rights.

  • Population and Sustainable Development
  • Urbanization and Migration
  • Ageing
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Information management
  • Digital Library
  • Electronic Information Services
  • Information literacy
  • Knowledge management
  • ICT etc.

Gender and Development, Rural and Urban Poverty, Livelihood Vulnerabilities, Water and Sanitation, Violence Against Women,Religion and Women, NGOs and Women’s Empowerment.

  • Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA)
  • Discourse of Advertisements
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Policies
  • Teacher Education
  • Media and Film Studies
  • Photojournalism
  • Education Technology
  • English language teaching (ELT) and applied linguistics
  • Global/Urban/Megacity/Slum/Refugee/Coastal/Maternal and Child health
  • Statistical/Multivariable/Multilevel modelling of health outcomes
  • Social/Physical/Mental/Environmental health
  • Health inequity and healthcare services
  • Climate hazard-related migration and health
  • Urbanisation and healthcare management
  • Health of the vulnerable and coastal populations
  • Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research
  • Information quality
  • Service quality
  • Community Informatics
  • Mobile-based Information Service Design
  • Information Literacy
  • Open Government data
  • Knowledge Sharing etc.
  • Qualitative Research  
  • Social Policy Analysis
  • Sociology of suicide 
  • Men and Masculinities  

International Environmental Law and International Water Law. 

  • L2 learners’ individual difference (ID)
  • Learner autonomy
  • Innovative teaching approaches
  • Academic writing
  • Policy analysis with special focus on education and governance issues

DRR and Climate Change; Gender Analysis and Planning; Gender Budgeting; Gender- CCA and DRR; Women and Local Government; Gender based Violence.

International Law

International Trade Law 

International law and Development

WTO and Developing Countries

Law of Treaties

Law of Corporate Finance

  • Rhetoric and Composition
  • Contemporary Ethnic and Immigrant American Literature
  • Globalization and mobility
  • Diaspora and belongingness

Second Language Acquisition (SLA),
English Language Teaching (ELT),
Material Development and
Teacher Education