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Faculty Members Ongoing Researches

Health behavior, HIV/AIDS,
Medical Sociology, Health and Wellbeing, Health and environment,
Sociology of Environment, Disaster Management

Second Language Acquisition (SLA),
English Language Teaching (ELT),
Material Development and
Teacher Education

E-resources, Leadership, Information Culture.

Quantitative Research 

Psychiatric epidemiology 

Migration and health

Maternal and child health

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs)

Infectious diseases 

  • Public Health
  • Reproductive Health
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

Academic and Research Interest:

  • Urban Sociology  (Economy, Crime, Hazards, Violence, Poverty, and Marginality)
  • Poverty and Gender Studies, Masculinity and Suicide
  • Demography and Gerontology

 Women Writing

 Bangladeshi Writing in English

 South Asian Literature

 World Literature

 Cultural Studies



 Literary Translation

Teaching Language through Literature

Criminology and Victimology, Cybercrime, Terrorism, Gender-Based Violence, International Criminal Law.

Undergraduate (LLB Hon's) Supervision of Students

Linkon Ahmed Ruman, Escalation of Rumor in Social Media Platform in the Context of Bangladesh: Theories, Challenges and Prevention. Spring 2022, Completed.

Ariful Amir, Problem & Prospects of DNA ACT 2014 in Crime Investigation: Bangladesh Perspective. Spring 2022, Completed.

Md. Saiful Islam Palash, Drug Trafficking in Bangladesh: An Investigation of the Reasons and Challenges of the Problem. Spring 2022, Completed.

Marufa Sabrin, Analyzing Impacts and Changing Patterns of Traditional and Cyberbullying Threats in Educational Institutions in Bangladesh. Spring 2022, Completed.

Nadia Hossain, Child trafficking and legal protection of children: An analysis in Bangladesh perspective. Spring 2022, Completed

Md. Nazmul Hasan, Applicability of Routine Activity Theory: An analysis based on cybercrime in Bangladesh. Fall 2021, Completed.

Tahsina Tabassum Tori, The Child Marriage Restraint Act 2017 In Bangladesh: Is It Preventing or Promoting Child Marriage?  Fall 2021, Completed.

Mokammel Haq Shiblu, A Critical Analysis on the Torture and Custodial Death (Prevention) Act, 2013: Comparison and Proposals. Fall 2021, Completed.


Mehedi Hasan, Migration and Terrorism: Determining Connections in Aspect of Rohingya and Terrorism. Summer 2021, Completed.

Iffat Mustarin, A Legal Analysis on the Laws Relating to E-commerce Transaction in Bangladesh via the lens of Consumer Rights. Summer 2021, Completed.

Fariha Akter, The Inadequacy of Bangladesh's Cyber Laws relating to Harmful Online Games and Apps: A Comparison to India's Legislations. Summer 2021, Completed.

Tufayel Ahmed Tuhin, Cyber-Bullying Laws in Bangladesh and India: A Comparative Analysis. Spring 2021, Completed.

Halima Akter, Juvenile Delinquency in Bangladesh: An Analysis of the Required Policies in the Criminal Justice System.  Fall 2020, Completed.

Aitindrila Sarker, Male Rape in Bangladesh: Legislative Imperfection and Social Renderings of Masculinity. Fall 2020, Completed.

Afifa Islam, Marital Rape: An Unheard Grievance of Married Women In Bangladesh. Fall 2020, Completed.

Md. Abdullah Al Faruque, An Overview on Female Terrorism and Punishment. Fall 2020, Completed

Afsana Hoque Chaity, Homicide Law Regarding Provocation: A path Towards Less Punishment. Spring 2020, Completed.

Ibnul Rifat Uddin, Cyber Defamation on Social Networking Sites: Challenges and Solution. Spring 2020, Completed.

Sazia Afrin, Witness Protection: A Dire Need for A New Law In Bangladesh. Fall 2019, Completed.

Sabrina Mahisha Mahboob, Analyzing the Concept of Beyond Reasonable Doubt Relating to Circumstantial Evidence in the Context of Bangladesh. Fall 2019, Completed.

Anjum Nishat, Cyber Child Pornography and Loopholes in Legislative Frameworks in South Asia. Summer 2019, Completed.

Jaya Goswami, Child Rape in Bangladesh: A Study based on the criminological and victimological theory. Spring 2019, Completed.

Health Psychology, Education Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Positive Psychology

Medical Sociology, Sociology of Health and Illness, Child Health, Climate Change and Health,

Second Language Acquisition
Language Testing and Evaluation
ICT in language Education
Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis

International Arbitration, Comparative Law, Constitutional Law, Private Law and Civil Justice system

Social Media,Public Health Communications,Youth Social Entrepreneurship, Policy Analysis and Implementation

Work and Economy, Social Movement, Intimate Relationship, Men and Masculinity, Religion, Social change, Urban Sociology, Environment

Film Studies,

Postcolonial Literature,

Critical Theory,

Latin American Literature,

South Asian Literature