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International Environmental Law and International Water Law. 

International Law

International Trade Law 

International law and Development

WTO and Developing Countries

Law of Treaties

Law of Corporate Finance

Criminology and Victimology, Cybercrime, Terrorism, Gender-Based Violence, International Criminal Law.

Undergraduate (LLB Hon's) Supervision of Students

Md. Nazmul Hasan, Applicability of Routine Activity Theory: An analysis based on cybercrime in Bangladesh, Fall 2021, Completed.

Tahsina Tabassum Tori, The Child Marriage Restraint Act 2017 In Bangladesh: Is It Preventing or Promoting Child Marriage?  Fall 2021, Completed.

Mokammel Haq Shiblu, A Critical Analysis on the Torture and Custodial Death (Prevention) Act, 2013: Comparison and Proposals, Fall 2021, Completed.


Mehedi Hasan, Migration and Terrorism: Determining Connections in Aspect of Rohingya and Terrorism, Summer 2021, Completed.

Iffat Mustarin, A Legal Analysis on the Laws Relating to E-commerce Transaction in Bangladesh via the lens of Consumer Rights, Summer 2021, Completed.

Fariha Akter, The Inadequacy of Bangladesh's Cyber Laws relating to Harmful Online Games and Apps: A Comparison to India's Legislations, Summer 2021, Completed.

Tufayel Ahmed Tuhin, Cyber-Bullying Laws in Bangladesh and India: A Comparative Analysis, Spring 2021, Completed.

Halima Akter, Juvenile Delinquency in Bangladesh: An Analysis of the Required Policies in the Criminal Justice System,  Fall 2020, Completed.

Aitindrila Sarker, Male Rape in Bangladesh: Legislative Imperfection and Social Renderings of Masculinity, Fall 2020, Completed.

Afifa Islam, Marital Rape: An Unheard Grievance of Married Women In Bangladesh, Fall 2020, Completed.

Md. Abdullah Al Faruque, An Overview on Female Terrorism and Punishment, Fall 2020, Completed

Afsana Hoque Chaity, Homicide Law Regarding Provocation: A path Towards Less Punishment, Spring 2020, Completed.

Ibnul Rifat Uddin, Cyber Defamation on Social Networking Sites: Challenges and Solution, Spring 2020, Completed.

Sazia Afrin, Witness Protection: A Dire Need for A New Law In Bangladesh, Fall 2019, Completed.

Sabrina Mahisha Mahboob, Analyzing the Concept of Beyond Reasonable Doubt Relating to Circumstantial Evidence in the Context of Bangladesh, Fall 2019, Completed.

Anjum Nishat, Cyber Child Pornography and Loopholes in Legislative Frameworks in South Asia, Summer 2019, Completed.

Jaya Goswami, Child Rape in Bangladesh: A Study based on the criminological and victimological theory, Spring 2019, Completed.

International Arbitration, Comparative Law, Constitutional Law, Private Law and Civil Justice system

International Law, Law and Technology, Criminal Law

1) Public International Law.

2) International Human Rights Law.

3) International Intellectual Property Law.

4) World Trade Law.

5) International Contract Law.

6) Comparative Law.

7) Law of War. 

8) International Banking Law.

9) Thesis Supervision

Research Interests: -

i) Public International Law (i.e., Int'l Human Rights Law, Int'l Criminal Law, Int'l Humanitarian Law, and Int'l Environmental Law), ii) Mass Atrocity and Genocide Studies, iii) Critical Criminology, and iv) Constitutional Law. 

Participation in Research/Training Courses/Programs:-

1. Summer School on International Criminal Court - 2021, organized by the Irish Centre for Human Rights, Galway, Ireland (8-11 June).

2. Economic Social and Development Residential School - 2021 - Diploma Course, organized by Kathmandu School of Law, Nepal (24-31 May).

3. Training of Human Rights Trainers - 2020 (Case Study Rohingya Youth), organized by Asia Justice and Rights, Indonesia (1 Oct-1 Dec).

4. 100 Bangladeshi Youth Delegates Visit to India - 2018, co-organized by the High Commission of India and the Indian Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (23 Mar-1 Apr).

5. Model International Criminal Court (MICC) Training Course - 2017, organized by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany (18-21 Mar).

6.  Human Rights Summer School on Human Rights and Terrorism - 2015, organized by the Empowerment through Law of the Common People (ELCOP), Dhaka, Bangladesh (20-31 Oct).

7. Winter School on Genocide, Justice, and the New Generation - 2015, organized by the Center for the Study of Genocide and Justice, Liberation War Museum, Dhaka, Bangladesh (17-24 Dec).

8. AsianSIL Youth Forum 2015, organized by the Asian Society of International Law (AsianSIL), Bangkok, Thailand (26-27 Nov).

Public International Law, Laws Relating to Transboundary Crimes and Constitutional Law.

International Humanitarian Law, International Human Rights Law, Gender, Family and Personal Laws, Criminology and Criminal Laws, Law and Religion

Public International Law, International Commercial Arbitration, International Humanitarian Law, International Human Rights Law