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International Environmental Law and International Water Law. 

International Law

International Trade Law 

International law and Development

WTO and Developing Countries

Law of Treaties

Law of Corporate Finance

Intellectual Property Law (IP protection for Emerging Technologies, Geographical Indications, Traditional Knowledge, Plant Variety Protection and Indigenous Intellectual Property)
Jurisprudence and Legal Theories, Intersection of Law, Religion and Society, Comparative Constitutional Law.

Criminology and Victimology, Terrorism, International Criminal Law.

International Arbitration, Comparative Law, Constitutional Law, Private Law and Civil Justice system

International Law, Law and Technology, Criminal Law

1) Public International Law.

2) International Human Rights Law.

3) International Intellectual Property Law.

4) World Trade Law.

5) International Contract Law.

6) Comparative Law.

7) Law of War. 

8) International Banking Law.

9) Thesis Supervision

Gender issues, Human rights, Personal Laws

- Public International Law.  

- International Human Rights Law. 

- International Criminal Law. 

- International Humanitarian Law. 

- International Environmental Law. 

- International Refugee Law. 

- Constitutional Law.

Public International Law, International Human Rights Law, Laws Relating to Trans-boundary Crimes, International Environmental Law.

International Humanitarian Law, International Law, Labour and Industrial Law, Gender and Family Law, Criminology and Criminal Law, Constitution, Law & Religion.

Public International Law, International Commercial Arbitration, International Humanitarian Law, International Human Rights Law