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  • Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA)
  • Discourse of Advertisements
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Policies
  • Teacher Education
  • Media and Film Studies
  • Photojournalism
  • Education Technology
  • English language teaching (ELT) and applied linguistics

  • L2 learners’ individual difference (ID)
  • Learner autonomy
  • Innovative teaching approaches
  • Academic writing
  • Rhetoric and Composition
  • Contemporary Ethnic and Immigrant American Literature
  • Globalization and mobility
  • Diaspora and belongingness

Second Language Acquisition (SLA),
English Language Teaching (ELT),
Material Development and
Teacher Education

 Women Writing

 Bangladeshi Writing in English

 South Asian Literature

 World Literature

 Cultural Studies



 Literary Translation

Teaching Language through Literature

Second Language Acquisition
Language Testing and Evaluation
ICT in language Education
Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis

Film Studies,

Postcolonial Literature,

Critical Theory,

Latin American Literature,

South Asian Literature

Applied Linguistics (Discourse, Pragmatics, EFL, Sociolinguistics), SLA

Trauma, alienation, memory, identity, marginalisation, postcolonialism, ecocriticism and magical realism

Literary Criticism and Theory.

Post-1945 Anglophone Literature.

Global Women's Cinema.

American Literature.


Second Language Acquisition, Form-focused Instruction, Corrective Feedback, Corpus-based Language Teaching, Use of Technology in Language Teaching

Indian Mythology, Indian Confessional Poetry, Postmodernism, Queer Theory, Feminism, Shakespeare Criticism

TESOL methodology,
Focus on form,
Second language acquisition

Environmental/Eco theory and literatures, Indigenous and Postcolonial ecocriticism, environmental humanities, Postcolonial theory and literature, Cultural Studies, and Subaltern Studies

Postcolonial Literature
Film Studies
Cultural Studies
Teacher Education
Material Design