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Program Mission

As turns the 21st century, the world is abuzz out there with English language learners. They are quite numerous and they defy all barriers-age, sex, creed, religion, occupation, nationalism- you name them. Similarly, the divergence of their needs for learning English is staggering-English for academic purpose, for business, for hospitality, for medicine, or simply for survival. This makes one thing clear-we need plenty of good English teachers. We respond to this challenge by designing a curriculum that hits the right amalgam of TESOL knowledge produced in the ‘ENL’, ‘ESL, and of course in the ‘EFL’ countries. We also propose to radicalize our TESOL program by incorporating into it a good dose of theory and criticism, whose absence has so far made TESOL notorious across the world. By way of a quick overview, we will cover, among others, syllabus & material design, methodology, testing, teaching the four general language skills, etc. in our program.

MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Program Mission
The program aims at providing students with exposure to areas of Linguistics, TESOL and Literature which they have not covered at the undergraduate level to prepare them for further research in those areas. It seeks to further refine students’ sensibilities, sharpen their critical faculty and equip them with knowledge and skills that will make them good administrators and efficient English language and literature teaching professionals.

MA in English Handbook