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EWU Won Script Writing Championship at NSU

Apr 17, 2022

EWU Won Script Writing Championship at NSU

Zeba Tahsin (2019-1-40-058), Sumana Alam Muna (2019-1-40-059), and Nazala Ryza Hossain (2019-3-40-036), three students of the Department of English, East West University, have won the Champion prize in "Script Writing" segment after competing in Divisional, Semi-Final and Final Round in the country's largest language Olympiad titled as Bakeman's 2nd International Language League, 2022 organised by the Department of English and Modern Languages of North South University 2nd April 2022. The champions received gold medals. The competition was based on five languages- Bangla, English, Chinese, French and German. The entire competition was held across the country in eight divisions in thirty-two institutions.

We applaud the achievement of the students and wish them to continue their excellent performances in future.