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Gender and Development, Rural and Urban Poverty, Livelihood Vulnerabilities, Water and Sanitation, Violence Against Women,Religion and Women, NGOs and Women’s Empowerment.

  • Qualitative Research  
  • Social Policy Analysis
  • Sociology of suicide 
  • Men and Masculinities  

DRR and Climate Change; Gender Analysis and Planning; Gender Budgeting; Gender- CCA and DRR; Women and Local Government; Gender based Violence.

Health behavior, HIV/AIDS,
Medical Sociology, Health and Wellbeing, Health and environment,
Sociology of Environment, Disaster Management

Quantitative Research 

Psychiatric epidemiology 

Migration and health

Maternal and child health

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs)

Infectious diseases 

Academic and Research Interest:

  • Urban Sociology  (Economy, Crime, Hazards, Violence, Poverty, and Marginality)
  • Poverty and Gender Studies, Masculinity and Suicide
  • Demography and Gerontology

Medical Sociology, Sociology of Health and Illness, Child Health, Climate Change, and Health,

Work and Economy, Social Movement, Intimate Relationship, Men and Masculinity, Religion, Social change, Urban Sociology, Environment

Gender, Migration, Women empowerment & rights, Women & femininity, Men & masculinity; 

Poverty, Population, Indigenous peoples, Health & Environment, Culture & Mass Communication, Social change; 

Human rights with special focus on Gender Based Violence & Violence against Women, Sexual Harassment.