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Gender and Development, Rural and Urban Poverty, Livelihood Vulnerabilities, Water and Sanitation, Violence Against Women,Religion and Women, NGOs and Women’s Empowerment.

  • Qualitative Research Methodology
  • Social Policy Analysis
  • Sociology of Organisation & Industrialisation
  • Men, Masculinities and Suicidal Behaviour

DRR and Climate Change; Gender Analysis and Planning; Gender Budgeting; Gender- CCA and DRR; Women and Local Government; Gender based Violence.

Health behavior, HIV/AIDS,
Medical Sociology, Health and Wellbeing, Health and environment,
Sociology of Environment, Disaster Management

Medical Sociology

Public Health

Migration and Health

Disaster & Risk Management

Environmental Health

Academic and Research Interest:

  • Urban Sociology  (Economy, Crime, Hazards, Violence, Poverty, and Marginality)
  • Poverty and Gender Studies, Masculinity and Suicide
  • Demography and Gerontology

Gender, Migration, Women empowerment & rights, Women & femininity, Men & masculinity; 

Poverty, Population, Indigenous peoples, Health & Environment, Culture & Mass Communication, Social change; 

Human rights with special focus on Gender Based Violence & Violence against Women, Sexual Harassment.  

  • Work and Economy 
  • Social Movement
  • Intimate Relationship
  • Men and Masculinity
  • Religion
  • Social change
  • Urban Sociology
  • Environment

Medical Sociology, Sociology of Health and Illness, Child Health, Climate Change, and Health, Environmental Sociology, Development, and Poverty