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Field trip to SOS Children’s Village

Apr 03, 2023

Field trip to SOS Children’s Village

A field trip was arranged for the students of SOC 107 (Social Problem and Analysis) at the SOS Children’s Village at Shyamoli, Dhaka on 22 March, 2023, the students were accompanied by the course instructor Dr. Mumita Tanjeela, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology. During the visit, the students got the opportunity to know about the history of the organization; its structure, working patterns, and services; changing patterns of the family in the global and local context and institutional needs for the children without a family.

In an informal session, students met with the children who are living there and the office staff who are engaged in taking care of them. The organisation provides a healthy environment for the children, educational and job facilities, good healthcare facilities and proper guidance. All those information was helpful for the students to understand how to address social problems.