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BSS in Information Studies

Growing demand of knowledge and information is changing rapidly particularly in education, knowledge management, research and development sectors. EWU’s Bachelor of Information Studies reflects the critical importance of information and knowledge management across a wide range of fields and institutions. The course will provide students with advanced level knowledge in evaluation, collection, organization and dissemination of information, communication, archiving, digitization and preservation of recorded knowledge, e-resources development and management, information sources and services, web technologies and web-based information services, information architecture, information system design, information literacy, automation of information institutions, web content management, information marketing and public relation, management of Information Institutions etc. and create a cadre of experts in knowledge management related fields.

Broad Objectives of the Program:

The principal objectives/highlights of the program are as follows:

  • To develop a workforce capable of working as effective and efficient Knowledge and Information practitioners at different executive levels.
  • To develop and come up with skilled human resources capable of contributing to the discipline of Information Studies in terms of research and teaching.
  • To provide students with skill and creative mind for improved understanding and effective management of Information Studies issues.

 Why Study Information Studies:

  • * World class curricula and highly qualified faculty members.
  • * Opportunity to acquire advanced level knowledge in knowledge management, documentation, information literacy and related fields.
  • * Internship and exchange programs with leading national and international organizations.
  • * Hands on training on emerging topics in information and knowledge management.
  • * Professional Competency development through latest Information Technology.
  • * Guest lectures by renowned scholars in information studies and knowledge management field.

Career Opportunities:

The program has attractive career opportunities at home and abroad which include National and International Research and Knowledge Organizations, Media Centers, NGOs, Government Organizations, Academic Institutions, Libraries, Archives, Record Centers, Museums, Documentation Centers, Information Centers, Embassies, Cultural Centers, Resource Centers, Newspapers, TV Channels, Digital media-based services and Corporate Organizations etc. as a Knowledge Manager, Communication Manager, Information Officer, Librarian, Documentation Officer, Record Manager and so on.