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Field Trip at Rajshahi: Understanding Rural Development and Livelihood of Kole Community

Dec 03, 2019

Field Trip at Rajshahi: Understanding Rural Development and Livelihood of Kole Community

Two days-long field trip was organized for the students of the course, Rural Sociology (SOC 205) at Godagari in Rajshahi, on November 22-23, 2019. The main purpose of this field visit was to introduce students with the rural development project of Barendra Multipurpose Development Authority (BMDA) and life and livelihood of Kole community along with historical Puthia Palace.

Approximately thirty students attended in the field visit.

With the guidance of Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) of Godagari, students gathered practical experience of rural development project of BMDA, function and activities of UNO office for rural development and so on. In Kole village at Babudanga, they conducted several in-depth interviews, case studies, focus group discussions (FGDs), and participant observation to understand the social structure, economy, culture, gender issue, marriage system, religious issue in a rural marginal ethnic community to prepare term paper. Consequently, students got the opportunity to achieve practical knowledge about rural work and livelihood, rural social structure, rural power structure, rural institutions, social changes in rural society, and rural development programs. In addition, students also prepared a social map based on their field visit.  However, achieved knowledge from this field visit will shed light on fine-tuning student’s thinking about social realities, which will create a substantial impact on their future career. The field visit was facilitated by Course Instructor Dr. A. I. Mahbub Uddin Ahmed, Professor of Sociology Department along with Lecturer S.M. Anowarul Kayes Shimul, and Md. Helal Uddin.